This competency is about facilitating self-directed growth and development. It fosters self determination and independence. It intentionally supports the long-term learning or development of others through coaching, recognition, encouragement, and feedback.

Growth Levels

Provides encouragement and shares knowledge with others

  • Expresses positive expectations of others in terms of their potential (e.g., individuals, team members, families)
  • Shows respect for others’ capabilities and their lived experience
  • Identifies or suggests activities that could help others develop new skills
  • Credits others who have performed well to motivate continued growth
  • Supports the person to be self-sufficient to make decisions or complete tasks in their own way, including the opportunity to make and learn from mistakes
  • Shares expertise and knowledge with others
  • Able to identify areas that require support
  • Supports others by demonstrating with an intention to teach
  • Provides direction or advice on how to continuously learn and improve in a way that is responsive to different learning styles
  • Provides opportunities for self-reflection and room for asking questions

Creates learning opportunities for others

  • Collaborates to encourage independence of skill-building and/or decision-making
  • Asks questions to assess level of understanding
  • Recognizes the potential “want and need” development opportunities and seeks resources when needed
  • Gives directions or demonstrations using reasons or rationale as a training strategy
  • Encourages and supports independent thinking and ownership in self development
  • Recognizes the strengths of others and actively promotes and supports professional growth and development
  • Advocates for opportunities for skill development in various contexts that promote social inclusion
  • Empowers others to do a task in their own way to develop confidence in one’s own skills and abilities
  • Provides a mechanism of accountability for person directed approaches when fostering independence
  • Supports peer-mentoring relationships

Coaches others and provides advice relative to development

  • Creates a positive and safe learning environment where people are learning from their experiences
  • Encourages people to be resilient when facing challenges
  • Coaches others to ensure a clear understanding of the principles and values of person directed supports
  • Invests time to help foster the growth and development of others individually and as a group (team), and act as a role model
  • Encourages others to assess their own strengths and areas of growth, along with career goals, and strategies for achieving them
  • Provides performance feedback and support, reinforcing strengths and identifying areas of improvement
  • Recommends and/or provides coaching, assignments, training, and other development opportunities to encourage high performance
  • Advises, guides and coaches others by discussing how to handle anticipated or real concerns and by sharing experiences

Champions a supportive learning environment

  • Actively shares power with others, trusting and supporting them to develop their own network of support
  • Creates an environment that encourages learning, growth and self-development
  • Understands and identifies a training or developmental need and ensures new programs and resources are available
  • Creates an environment where experiences are used as learning opportunities, feedback is freely offered and willingly received, and expertise is shared among all
  • Provides opportunities for development in consideration of current and future organizational trends and needs
  • Identifies the need for, and Implements structures, succession-planning mechanisms, and processes that promote development in line with the organization’s goals
  • Structures work processes to facilitate development (e.g., cross-functional training, participative management, etc.)
  • Facilitates knowledge translation and transfer among relevant stakeholders
  • Consistently promotes and advocates for opportunities for individuals and families that enhance learning opportunities and growth in their chosen community networks
  • Proactively searches for systems-level future growth opportunities